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From July 24th until July 31st, 2021, the 18th International Caving Congress will be held on the Bourget-Technolac campus, in Savoie (France). The Spéléo Secours Français (SSF) will take part in this event and proposes several different activities.
If you would like to know more, read on!

Feel free to share this information with colleagues, friends, related organisations, etc. The Spéléo Secours Français has set itself a goal: to do everything possible so that this event will be a success and, above all, that it becomes a place to discuss and share knowledge on the wide subject of cave rescue.

Conferences / Roundtables

The SSF will host a session specifically addressing cave rescue (Symposium no. 16). In this context, the SSF is going to present several conferences on innovative subjects such as big ziplines, SSF accidents base, SSF operational base, the communication system ‘Pimprinelle’, and the new edition of the “Cave Rescue Manual”. In order to foster exchanges related to the different thematic aspects of cave rescue, we invite you to submit any information on innovations in the following areas to this address  before October 30th:

  • Assistance to the victims,
  • Medicalization,
  • Evacuation techniques,
  • Transmission and positioning techniques,
  • Obstructions removal and ventilation,
  • Rescue & cave diving
  • Caving IT tools.

We are eager to receive your proposals for conferences and/or posters. In addition, upon request we can reserve special sessions for roundtables or demonstrations of techniques and special equipment.

International cave rescuer/team leader training course

The SSF will organize an international cave rescuer/team leader training in Savoie immediately before the congress.

Link to the pre-registration files: here


Several demonstrations will take place:

  • Cordless underground communications system Pimprenelle
  • Cave diving rescue

SSF shop

During the congress, on the SSF stand, you will be able to purchase:

  • Garments
  • Communication equipment
  • Badges / Stickers
  • Etc.

Try to pre order!

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