In case of a caving  accident, please call in the following order :

  • A person in charge of the local cave rescue organisation (SPELEO SECOURS FRANCAIS) through the followigng list : Liste des Conseillers Techniques Départementaux. For those who have a smartphone : install SSFAlert on it. It will give you the phone number list depending where you are !
  • person in charge of the national cave rescue organisation (SPELEO SECOURS FRANCAIS)
    Toll-Free Number: + 33 (0)800 121 123
  • Dial the european standard emergency number 112 and explain ::
    • That a caving accident happened.
    • That the technical advisor of the local cave rescue organisation (« Conseiller Technique Départemental en Spéléologie ») has to be warned.

In case of personal injury

The person who will summon emergency assistance has to be a witness of the accident. He will be able to answer the questions about place, time and circumstances of the accident.

The emergency call should also contain a minimal health report of the victim: the answers to the six questions below.

Take the time you need to collect and to write these informations before calling emergency assistance.


  • The moment and the circumstances of the accident, the precise location, the number of people involved.

For the medical check-up,  you need at least the following informations:

  1. Does the victim answer questions ?
  2. Can the victim move all his limbs ?
  3. Is the victim breathing normally ?
  4. Does the victim have a perceptible pulse ?
  5. Are there obvious wounds ?
  6. Is the victim getting weaker ?